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Connecting you to places and events with ease.


Most of us park our cars on a daily basis, and at some point, we have all struggled to find a parking spot. At parkenplus, we think finding parking should be easier. Whether you park on the street, a parking garage, or a parking lot, parkenplus can help you find the closest and most affordable parking spot!

For us, parking doesn’t end after you park your car. We have created an app that eases parking payments and parking validations. Our system connects you with parking owners and local businesses into a single network.

There are more important things than struggling to find parking. Parking with parkenplus lets you focus on what’s important. We represent the future of the parking industry and we strive on helping you and helping cities improve the flow of transportation and everyday life. Join us and experience parking with parken+!


  • Find convenient parking

    Instant access to over 6,500 parking garage facilities in over 200 cities, including 35 top US cities, with more than 1,000,000 bookable parking spaces.


    Parken+ allows you to quickly and securely pay for your parking through your smartphone via secured transactions compliant with the highest PCI security standards.

  • Advanced booking engine

    Park by using the most advanced parking booking engine. Whether you need to park right now or you want to book a parking spot in advance, we've got your back. Just sit back and let that feeling of gratification sink in after you instantly find or book a parking spot. We'll make it happen every time you parkenplus.

  • Lowest prices in town

    Find all parking spots in one place and say goodbye to the struggle of finding parking. With our parking inventory, you won't need multiple apps to find all the parking spots around you. Let us do the hard work, we'll find the closest and most affordable parking spot for you.

  • 200,000+ Locations
  • No parking tickets
  • 24/7 Support

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